Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Mar. 19...and counting

I'm just taking a little break form scoring this show at the internet cafe. They are painting the office at Es Artes today so the interent is down and I need iTunes. It should be pretty cool. It's mostly music from Jorge Reyes with a augmentation from me.
We all went for a lovely breakfast today at Pascal's place. mimosas by the pool. I guess it was a nice break except that I still don't feel like we're going to actually make it, and I'd rather be working. It's hard for me to relax until the show is actually put away Sunday night. Even then, I'm sure I will be doing alot of personal de-briefing in my head as to how I could have or would have done something better. I suppose that's what makes me good at what I do. And probably why Melissa and I get along because she's the same way. There's plans to go to check out some folk music later and then go down to the lake. It doesn't seem like people understand the gravity of the situation so far. There is so much to do still. All I'd like to do is put the set-up so I can get the lighting rig up so I can see if it all works tomorrow morning so I'll actually be able to let Ed have the stage for a rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. Mel and Sean are back at the shop doing alterations and props by them selves. Ed and Tatiana and I are going to put up the stage after we get back from the lake hopefully around 5 or 6. Then hopefully we will have enough bodies tomorrow to actually get things going.

I'll try and keep posting during the week but we're about to enter insanity so I can't promise much. And now my battery is going to die so I'm signing off before it does.

Adios Amigos!

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  1. I'm like you Mike. Can't really rest if there is major amounts of work still to be done.
    Good luck with it. I know you will come out on top of this.