Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mel - Day 6

Passed on breakfast again this morning and over to Es Artes we headed. On the way we stopped at the fabulous bakery we found earlier in the week - Pan Lillian. Tasty, tasty stuff and crazy cheap. We go to Es Artes and started some blogging and some emailing while waiting for Sean to arrive. I also ventured to eat a couple of biscuits from the bakery (my first real food in 2 1/2 days!) Sean arrived and we decided to set to work organizing the props and costume workroom. As we were about to start a pickup truck pulled up outside and out jumped 6 young men with painting tools who immediately set to work scrubbing the walls in the room we were about to work in. Turns out the room was going to be painted that day in preparation for the launch party that will be held there. Except no-one had told us this was happening. After some negotiation, it was agreed that they would come back to paint that room tomorrow morning so that we could work today.

Sean and Mike set up the room and then Sean took me on a tour of the treasures they had found at the market. There is some very neat stuff! They managed to find most of the props and other than a bit of breakdown and decoration they should be fine as they are. He also managed to find some great fabric for the costumes. Due to the direction that the show has taken Sean has decided that we will make a basic costume for all 36 cast members that will consist of a basic 'tunic' style top with various modifications for sleeve and neckline, and either pants or a skirt for the men and women. He found a heavy muslin which he wants to dye different colours for each of the various groups of characters. Each of these costumes will then be fitted and altered for each specific actor. They will also receive decoration of varying degrees depending on their specific character. It think it is a fantastic design and will result in an incredible looking production but I have to say that I am a bit concerned at our timeline at the moment. At this point we have only 9 days before we move into the chapel space and only 11 before our tech dress. We are talking with the dyer on Monday at 9am but we don't know how quickly that can be done. The new news on the container is Mon. late morning for its arrival which is hopefully accurate as it contains the two sewing machines (that we hope still work). I know that all of these things have a way of working themselves out and that the community is so supportive of making this project happen that we won't have trouble finding replacement sewing machines or extra help. But right now, it does seem to be a bit daunting.

We had lunch and then I headed home for a nap while Mike and Sean went to Esquela Taller to meet the entire cast. Afterwards, to liven our mood and push away the oppressive heat, we went for a lovely swim at El Tejado. For dinner it was Gringos tonight as we were all craving a bit of home - a hamburger and fries. Earlier in the day I had decided enough was enough and took some Imodium so that I could keep some food in me long enough to actually absorb some nutrients. I didn't eat a lot but man it felt good to be eating at all.

We joined everyone in the square for cervezas and made plans to go to the disco later. Patricia decided she would pick us up at Sean's place so he wouldn't have to walk up the ridiculously steep hill that takes him from his hostel to town. So, she shows up in her very run-down Jeep and we piled in making 7 of us in total. I don't know how we made it up that crazy cobblestoned hill! I think it was by sheer will of everyone in the vehicle and the crazy Spanish cheering. So.... the Disco... crazy hot.... crazy loud - nothing new there. But the odd thing is it's like a wedding. Everyone in town goes. Young... old... man... women... gay... straight. It was quite and entertaining night. We even met a guy who keeps this giant locust as his pet. I mean it was huge! He passed it around to everyone to hold and pet (No.... I was not that brave). Eventually, we stumbled home in the cool night air drunk on the joy of the evening. (okay - and a couple of cervezas too!)

Words of the day:
Suero = this crazy hydration drink you get at the pharmacia. Basically what they put in IV bags.
Pan = bread
Queso = cheese


  1. Rice and baked goods and beer! Sounds like an excellent diet to me. Feel better soon, kiddo.

  2. This is the song that never ends... ONe would have thought your system would be over it by now. I am so sorry this has knocked you down.
    Glad to hear that you are not out though. Disco dancing - how current/old was the music?

    Something new in the adventure each day. Fun to read.