Friday, March 12, 2010

Sean's Day 4

Buenos dias mes amigos, sorry for the late blog. Day 3 became a complete write off as I entered the darkest depths of Latin American food poisoning. Somehow, I managed to find something in the food that caused me pains I have never before experienced. So bad, in fact I was honestly worried about recovery. I was alone in my room, sad, sick, dizzy and numb. As you may have guessed, I made it through the night with an assortment of gatorade drinks, water, Spanish Pepto Bismal and Immodium, but I'm still quite fragile ad afraid to eat anything. It´s amazing how helpless you can feel without any of the comforts of home during the ´night of the living dead´.

We still haven't receieved the cargo crate from Stratford yet with our supplies, so everyone's a bit anxious. Time is ticking and I have 40 costumes to get made as well as props in less then two weeks. I believe the toughest days are still ahead.

On a lighter note, Ed our Director is committed to involvng several live animals in the production. This will include caged rabbits and at least one wild chicken tied to a young actors ankle. Our enthusiastic staff are insisting on as much naturalism in our myth as humanly possible...(in our made up myth?) they want to hand carve our agricultural tools and hand bead chest plates and accessories. The Theatre AD is auditioning human fireworks today for the parade after the launch. A local ex bomb-builder from the days of civil strife now makes his living as a fireworks expert who runs through crowds during parades entertaining the poeple with fireworks shooting off his back. The President of El. Salvador is visiting the city for a huge diplomatic luncheon tomorrow which means the army is coming in too. I tell you, it´s never a slow day in Suchitoto, and that you can quote me on! Signing off for now, with pepto in hand from the offices Es Artes, this is Sean the only gay in the village. xo

Things are never dull here to say the least. Now I'm off to have a nap. Wish my body luck in its quick recovery and I'll speak to you all soon, maybe even en espanol!


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  1. A dual unexpected turn water's revenge and no equipment. I take it from today's posting that your timelines will not be extended in proportion to the delivery delay. That presents some serious challenges for all the trades people. The example alone of 40 costumes in that shorten period of time speaks volumes. Like you , I am eager to see the before and after, hear the particulars of consttruction, see the works in progress and watch/read about the stages of development as this project unfolds. Alas for now, enjoy the slower pace and the luxury of time to soak up the atmosphere - I just hope your bodies adjust to the soaking up of the local cuisine.