Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 7

No container yet. We're figuring Monday by lunch. because the last we heard from the shipping company, they said Friday evening. It's apparently en route from Guatemala right now. I'll bet it's parked on the side of the road near here with a driver sleeping in it because it's not a business day. We need a customs agent to unseal it and it would block the street here so it's just as well it didn't arrive Friday night to taunt us over the week-end. Oh well, it's out of all of our hands. I've learned before that everything is always "maƱana" in Latin America.

It's Sunday here. It seems to be a rest day for most. All of the restaurants and markets are open. There's not really anything for me to do. I'm going to chat with Ed later about some audio/music ideas he came up with. Mel and Sean are working with the fabrics we got at the market in San Salvador (which was crazy) trying to make dye lots and get a few patterns made so they can hit the ground running tomorrow.

The San Salvador market was pretty cool. Huge and busy and bustling. I didn't feel crowded or unsafe at any point but If someone wanted to grab my camera or something they'd be gone in a flash. I have no idea how we found our way around because it's a huge rats nest of stalls selling everything from fish to beads to wicker, to pirated DVDs. There's a giant gothic church in the middle that has been engulfed by streets lined with fruit and vegetable stands that you drive through on the way into the central market building. We parked inside underneath and from there we braided and weaved our way through multiple levels and inside and out, stopping when we saw something on our list. Mario had it all laid out where to go first etc. A woman we bought some stuff from became our guide. We were asking her where to get this and that so she took us around to show us. We left all of the thing we had bought to that point with her mother at her stall and then cam eback to pick it up and she got us back to the van.

Tomorrow is a big day. 9am there's a lot of different help showing up. I apparently have at least three eager hands who want to know about electricity and lighting, and there's a group of sewers as well. It'll be great to have all the help once the container shows up. The municipality is also sending over manpower for unloading once it arrives. My team doesn't speak any english and all I can do is order beer in spanish so I'm not sure what we'll do until lunch but we'll figure something out.

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  1. So Mike from what you told me, you were anticipating having the full two weeks to unload and work with the container items. I can't imagine the plan now that you have but a week to pull this off. Good luck. Perhaps Monday Morning's electrical lessons will provide you with a crew to work with.

    I hope by the time you read this you have unpacked the container and everyone is busily working away. Good Luck Mike. Our thoughts are with you.