Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 4 The calm before the storm

Well hello everyone in the Blogosphere. This is my first post so far as I've been leaving the internet time we get to the other two because they are probably much more eloquent than I. But alas, montezuma's revenge has struck my compatriots. Sean is up and about puttering with his sketch book and the few bits we have back at the office. Mel is at home in bed trying t get some rest. I think they're both past the worst of it and just looking forward to moving on but anyone who's been where they are know, there is not much you can do but wait until it runs it's course.

We're still waiting our container from Stratford full of supplies. we are hopeful it will arrive tomorrow. It is now going to park right on front of the office so that will be great. I think we're all getting a little anxious to get started. I am particularly anxious because I packed he container myself with BJ and I'm dying to see what state the contents are in when they arrive. Shipping containers aren't really like trucks because at any point in it's journey, it may have been upside down. Hopefully not, but I'm sure the load will have shifted while swaying side to side on a big ship. We'll see. either way, I have a soldering iron and my brain. I will get something working for the show but I would love to know what I'm dealing with. We had a good meeting about power today. I'm also waiting to see how much wire we have in the container because we are responsible for running to hydro pole.

I have also become the web-site photographer now seeing as I'm kind of not too busy without any wires or lights. (although I have been working on a bit of a sound scape when I get a chance). Anyway, I have to get going to meet everyone back at es artes (the office) to takek pictures of them.

I'll try and add more later. Bye for now.


  1. Hey Mike good to hear from you sad for the reason why. Hope all are well as the day progresses. Must be a challenge to be there with all of this arrival energy and no vehicle through which to express it. Let's keep fingers crossed that equipment will arrive today and that the revenge will leave. Looking forward to more pictures, more Spanish words of the day and updates from the project as it unfolds...

  2. Feel better you guys. I am LOVING the updates.