Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sean's First Day

We have arrived! Suchitoto is not like home and definitely NOT like Kansas, Dorothy. THe weather is warm, very warm, but we have been getting a breeze which is not normal from what we are told. I have no idea what I'm ordering on the menu, nor what I'm eating when it arrives but it all tastes good and sometimes you just gotta take a chance. The roads are all cobbled rough stones and in the morning I have a mountain to climb from my little room on the lake to the town centre. This morning I noticed that if I exit my hostel through the side gate and not through the house in the morning I pass right over the neighbours outdoor shower.......quite the surprise.

The Chapple space is wonderful, old worn fresco's on the wall that are bareley visible. Wood beams hand chissled and peeling stucco. It's magical in a distressed way, not unlike how I pictured the church in Pentecost a few years back. Next door is the children's art school where pictures are framed in the outdoor courtyard and painted umbrellas hang from the rafters. We also went to the school today, where the technical students will train and it has such promise. It's a great workspace that can grow into a fully modern shop in no time. We explored the 'wardrobe-to-be' room and talked about how it might look set up and I could fully visualise a team like ours in the wardrobe downstairs working away.

Not speaking the languge is tough, but I'm picking up words here and there and hopefully will be able to string a few together before I leave.

Much love to all. From Central America, signing off.

Sean F. Mulcahy

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