Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Adventure Begins Again!

The adventure begins again! (well, it actually began on Monday but no one has had time to write!)

The next group of volunteers for the Esartes Project set out from a very cold Canada and arrived the warm welcome of a late afternoon in Suchitoto. As part of this latest team we have: Stephanie working in Design, Jeremy working in Props, Mike taking care of Sound and Lighting, Robbin working in Technical Direction, Cynthia mentoring in the Advancement/Fundraising area, and myself who will be holding workshops in Effective Communication/Conflict Resolution and teaching English.

Over the last two days we have been in meetings planning the upcoming week when the students will return for their next semester of school and generally just getting accustomed to being in Suchitoto. This is the third time that Mike has been here and the fourth time for me so we are not so much getting adjusted but reliving that feeling of discovering Suchitoto for the first time through the experience of our first-time volunteers.

During our time here we will be holding workshops in our various areas of expertise. The class schedule is definitely packed and the students have some exciting things in store for them over the next few weeks. A few of the volunteers need to leave at the end of February and after that time the rest of the team will go on to work on a small end-of-year production with the school.

There is much more to say and share and I hope to do this later today. For now I need to run off and join the rest of the group as we are travelling into San Salvador today. I am pretty excited at this as I have only been there for a short time while here to attend the opening of Bernarda Alba back in November 2010 and didn’t see much outside of the theatre and our hotel at that time. I can’t wait to see the crazy huge market everyone has been telling me about! I will try to post as many pics as possible as well.

Hablamos pronto!


  1. I'm so glad to see that you and Michael are back in Suchitoto. I look forward to following your stories. Thank you for taking time to write them. Elaine G.

  2. I need one of those "cafe para llevar" you photographed right about now! At home with a sprained ankle after a hike on an icy Rock Creek Park trail in DC!
    Good to see the January EsArtes Blog entries and to read about your work from Conflict Resolution and Advancement to props and design. We are trying to support at our end in the world of fundraising. Please tell Cynthia that David and I have bought a camera for our home computer so we can finally set up skype. Saludos carinosos a todos(as)