Monday, January 30, 2012

Onto Week Two of Classes!!!

Phew!  The first week of classes are behind us.  It was quite an amazing week!

The curriculum for this semester includes classes in Design, Props, Sound, Lighting, Technical Direction, Health and Safety, Entrepreneur Studies, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution and English!!!  All of that in one week!  Once our wardrobe volunteer arrives in a couple of weeks we will also be finding time for that in the schedule too.  Wow!!

The students seem to really be enjoying themselves and I am constantly impressed by their desire to learn.  For example, I tried to end English class early by a few minutes on Friday and they were all so upset that we ended up actually staying 20 minutes late so that they could learn something more.  Crazy!

I think everyone is adapting well to life in Suchitoto and so far we have only been marked by brief interludes of illness.

So.... onto week two of classes.  We will post more pics as soon as possible.  And hopefully a video or two of Stephanie's birthday celebrations with the most awesome pinata you have ever seen!

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