Saturday, February 5, 2011


You would think that between three people posting to the blog this trip that at least one of us would find the time to write each day.  Alas, it has been a busy week and therefore our blog writing has waned.  My sincere apologies.
I am going to endeavour in the next couple of days to post a few brief blurbs describing the highlights of our past week.  There have been many successes and a bit of strife but we are in a great healthy place now and we are looking forward (although a bit tearily already) to our last 3 weeks here.  But more on that later....


  1. I hope that you will have time to gather some information (if you haven't already) about the part that Suchitoto played during the violent civil war (especialy around 1983). Because of its location (close to 2 hydroelectric dams), Suchitoto was a major struggling point between the FMLN and the Army. Torture, rape, the use of fear as a controller...very in "Fuente Ovenjuna". As I commented to your blog yesterday; your play will likely bring forward some very strong memories. And, if and when the opportunity would arise, some amazing discussions and sharing of emotions. Thank you again for your blog. Elaine

  2. I agree Elaine. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this potential connection. This type of theatre company is not only an opportunity for Suchitoto to create future economic and educational benefits but also one of the best ways for our two cultures to come together in a new understanding. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the intercultural exchanges that are no doubt occurring on a daily basis.