Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Erika got me a pinata!

So we were having a conversation last Fri about pinata's and I mentioned to Erika, the student who is shadowing in production coordination, that I had never 'done' a pinata before.  She was shocked.  I tried to explain that this was not a Canadian tradition and so I had just never had the opportunity.

Well, the next day I am sitting at my computer after lunch when Erika walks in with a big garbage bag full of something and hands it to me.  Inside was a pinata stuffed full of candies!  She had gone and got me a pinata so that I could experience it!  I hugged her a ton and got pretty weepy!  I showed it to Tatiana who was as touched as I was and we both hugged and cried a little.  I'm a softie... I know! 

So, at the afternoon break Tito and a bunch of the boys took care of hanging it from the mango tree and myself, Loreen, and Tatiana all took a turn at swinging at the pinata.  Then the kids all had bananas and ice cream, courtesy of Tatiana and Evelyn, to cap off our fake-birthday celebrations.   I will try to post some video next so you can see how terrible we are compared to the fierceness of Tatiana!  She has done this before.

Overall it was a lovely little break in the middle of an extremely hot, exhausting afternoon.  Muchos Gracias Erika, mi amiga!

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  1. Lovely to hear about the treats and the field trips, but we're missing news about the show and the build - what is happening and what are the highs and lows of the process? How has it evolved (if it has) from last year? What's happening at Escuela Taller?