Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lela is on her way back to the snow.

Bonnie has made it safe and sound. We go to pick up Ted tomorrow and today we said good-bye to Lela. She will be missed by us and all of the students. There were a lot of emotional good-byes last night after school. All of the students stayed after to present her with various gifts and a group picture. This morning they had a lovely gift for Annan too. We had a barbecue at the school last night and went out to show Lela the disco. It wasn't very busy but some of the older students came out with us and we had a really good Spanish-English exchange at the bar. We made a rule that for five minutes, all of the English speakers can only speak spanish and all of the Spanish speakers can only speak English.

We had a good meeting yesterday with escuela taller (the trade school). Hector the head of the school seemed very happy with our curriculum and interested in the designs we showed him of the set. We're going to work out our final scheduling on Tuesday morning and we'll probably be starting construction Wed. morning. It looks like I will be teaching half days during their last week of school and/or maybe doing an extra credit for 1 week after they are done. I'm pretty excited and nervous at the same time. The kids are all always very excited to be learning about lighting and audio. I hope I can make it interesting and exciting for them.

It's been busy here today. Back in the wardrobe shop they've started doing fittings and Mel is busy administrating. Personally, the most exciting thing I've done today is figure out how to tether my camera to my computer. It is actually exciting because it will make it easier to do head shots and portraits of all of the students.

entonces paramos para almozar.

Eso es todo por ahora.

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