Saturday, September 25, 2010

Many Hands

Day 5 Friday, Sept. 24

Well, I guess the gecko was lucky - today we had meetings with both the Women's Group and the directors and sewing class at the school, and it looks like we will have many willing hands to get the costumes built.

A few days ago, it seemed that the Escuela directors were uneasy about the time needed for the project interrupting the progress of their curriculum, but once the Casa des Mujeres came on board and we assured them (the school) that we could adapt and be flexible with their schedule, and that they weren't going to be responsible for doing everything by themselves, they became much more interested - to the point that, when I offered to split the class with the teacher so that half could continue their regular program for half a day and then switch in the afternoon, she was concerned that she would be missing out on the process and the project, so they decided that all 10 girls and the teacher would work with me together whenever we needed them!

The Casa des Mujeres ladies proved to be very keen, again when I made it clear that I wasn't expecting a lot of their time because they all have other jobs and responsibilities, but that I would be happy to share and trade skills and knowledge with them in whatever time they were willing to give, they quickly organized themselves into three different teams that could give me part or all of three different days, and even offered to bring in some extra sewing machines!

So as it stands now, I will work with the school all next week with the goal of creating all the petticoats for first fittings by mid-week and finishing them to be used as rehearsal costumes by the end of the week. Then for the following weeks, I'll spend 3 days at the school and 3 days with the ladies at Es Artes, and divide up the rest of the work for skill levels and continuity. Now, I have to create a whole lot of patterns and pieces of cloth to be ready for Monday, in addition to a number of wardrobe management document templates for translation - no rest this weekend... but a great feeling that so many people are so keen to be involved.

And we ended the day with the long-awaited pupusas (fried stuffed tortillas) at El Gringo - also a great success.

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  1. Kim, looking forward to your photos.