Friday, February 3, 2012

My 28th Birthday in Suchi

What a great birthday I had in Suchi! As the students were on their break from my class, a few of them came to sing me a song: 

3 Students then invited me to a restaurant for lunch - it was absolutely enjoyable and it permitted me to get to know them a little more. 

A Piñiata was waiting for us when we came back (my 1st ever!). 
Here's Vincente kicking it:

The poor cutest Piñiata on the ground...

À la suite de quoi we had my favorite cake (fruit cake... Hummm)... And later on a drink with the CUSO volunteers/ friends of the volunteers and 35 cents pupusas... Muy rico...

And not to forget, a very "provincially personalized" card made by Jeremy and signed by the students and staff:

...I'm still smiling...

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