Monday, July 11, 2011

Currently at Es Artes!!

Hello everyone! My name is Alana Hawley and I am currently working here at Es Artes in Suchitoto on behalf of The Stratford Shakespeare Festival. I am here as an 'acting coach' but have been asked to focus on teaching the kids period dance (Ballet) for their upcoming production of The Imaginary Invalid by Moliere, as well and voice production and technique, yoga for physical strength and overall body awareness, and a little bit of singing. The classes range from approximately age 7 to age 36 within the same group and range in size from about 12 to 33 students each day. They are currently working on their first production of Peter and The Wolf for young audiences and are doing amazingly well. This body of students is full of heart and commitment as they enter their final year of this two year program. Some students even participate in at home schooling just so that they can attend this school 5 days a week. It is an amazing experience to be here and to see the effort from the students, their personal daily growth as individuals and as performers, as well and the love, effort, support and care that is put in my the core faculty members of Es Artes. Please let me know if you have any questions and remember, this project is constantly in need of funding, so please feel free to donate through my personal profile via CUSO-VSO at\

or get in touch with Melissa Renaud for specific information on how to donate directly to Es Artes in Suchitoto, El Slavador.

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