Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week Three, part 2

The missing pictures...
Lunch at Villa Balanza, from back left: Erika, Eric and Frank
From back right: John, Tatiana, Evelyn, Tito, Koky

Koky entertaining the girls at 'sorbettos' time
The fitting at Escuela Taller with the class

Back to Es Artes at four to report our breakthrough to John et al, and check out the shoe situation - John had found something suitable in a local shoe store and built a cloth spat to simulate period boots - big hit with Tatiana! Carried on prepping for the next set of skirts to begin on Friday, then we all headed down the street to try the menu at Harlequin - very good and ridiculously inexpensive - my new favourite!

continued Sunday, Oct. 10

Friday continued in much the same vein with active input from Abigail and interest from the girls as they completed most of the servant petticoats and began the colourful servant skirts. By the end of the day, I told them they should be very proud of themselves because within 8 days (five last week and three this week) they had put together over forty different costume pieces! When we reviewed the schedule for next week, in view of whether or not the Casa ladies would still be participating, Abigail said they would be happy to work on the show every day, instead of just three. We checked with Es Artes to see what the current state of affairs was, and since we now had confirmations of most of the ladies attending both Saturday and Monday, I said we'd leave things as they were for now, but I appreciated her offer.

Friday night brought a special celebration with a wonderful dinner prepared by Tito at Es Artes to mark both John's and Tatiana's upcoming birthdays and to say goodbye to John who would be leaving on Sunday to head for Calgary where he's designing Seussical for ATP.

Saturday brought three new faces - Amalia, Morena and Elizabeth - all very capable and interested, and patient with delays and glitches caused by problems with some of our machines. Elizabeth even went home and lent us some of her bobbins when we discovered that one of the machines had only two that fit the bobbin case, and when the domestic electric machine proved unable to give us a basting stitch for gathering, she cheerfully moved to the treadle machine. Between them, they were able to assemble two and a half of the servant skirts and we were able to have fittings with both one of the lead actresses and one of the student actresses so that John could see a fairly complete version of each outfit before he left. I then prepared some of the rehearsal pieces for Tatiana to take to San Salvador, and we joined Frank, Eric et al at El Gringo to hear about their continuing adventures in search of a suitable welder for the steel in the set.

Sunday, John and I met with Zoila, the dyer, bringing back the finished pieces she'd been working on. Her work with natural dyes is amazing - she got the most beautiful soft green overdye on a too-bright printed fabric we'd got for one of the dresses, using indigo and almond leaves! Then John was off to the airport and I spent a couple of hours organizing Monday's workload, then finally took the rest of the day off for R&R... and posting this...

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  1. Yay! The pictures are great, Kim! I'm so happy that you got to meet and are working with Zoila. Isn't she amazing!!!!! Please tell her I say hello and that I miss her.